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Wine for Carbonara Pasta.

What wine for Pasta alla Carbonara? Pasta alla carbonara is a traditional first course of Lazio and Roman cuisine, which is characterized by its popular ingredients and a savory, rich and spicy taste. The types of pasta most used in the Carbonara tradition are: Spaghetti Rigatoni. Tonnarelli How to accompany the flavor, spiciness and fatness […]

Main reasons for going to Italy.

Here are some of the main reasons to visit Italy and meet Italians. Italians. The first reason is the Italians. You cannot love a country without loving its people. We also know that Italians see themselves as Tuscan, Sicilian, Venetian or Neapolitan, rather than Italians. But they are nice nonetheless: realistic, even cynical; passionate and […]

Carbonara Pasta Recipe.

Carbonara Pasta Recipe. Ingredients for 4 people. 400 g of pasta to choose from: spaghetti, macaroni or tonnarelli. 4 egg yolks. 150 gr of bacon. 100 gr of Pecorino Romano. Little salt because bacon and pecorino are rich in it. Pepper to taste. Pasta preparation procedure. First of all, cut the bacon into strips and […]