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Wine for Carbonara Pasta.

What wine for Pasta alla Carbonara?

Pasta alla carbonara is a traditional first course of Lazio and Roman cuisine, which is characterized by its popular ingredients and a savory, rich and spicy taste.
The types of pasta most used in the Carbonara tradition are:

  • Spaghetti
  • Rigatoni.
  • Tonnarelli
    How to accompany the flavor, spiciness and fatness of Pasta alla Carbonara with a wine?
    We recommend a white wine with great structure and good persistence, with eloquent aromas, with a gritty acidity.

Carbonara wine pairing by structure.

When we talk about the Carbonara Wine pairing we enter a world of true goodness.

In fact, it consists in finding wines with good structure that support the complexity of this dish. Light wines, not very concentrated, not very alcoholic, if combined they would be easily overwhelmed by the richness of the Carbonara ingredients.

Choice of pasta and egg yolk by tendency to sweet.

Among the ingredients of Carbonara there is Pasta which, like all cereals, is rich in starch. Therefore, even if rich in seasonings, after chewing it maintains a neutral flavor with a sweet tendency.

The egg yolk is also characterized by fatness with a sweet tendency.
Therefore, the wines recommended to be paired with Carbonara must have a dose of freshness and flavor so that they can balance and harmonize the sweet tendency of these ingredients.

Indications wine for pasta carbonara for fatness bacon and pecorino.

The Guanciale della Carbonara is a particularly greasy and fatty cut of pork. Pecorino Romano PDO also has an important fat component.
Therefore, the choice of the recommended wine to combine with Carbonara must be able to balance the fatness and greasiness of these ingredients.

Ideal wines to combine with Carbonara must have good acidity (freshness) and possibly also effervescence (bubbles), sensational to smooth the fatness and clean the palate.
Very often, as with many combinations, the best oenological response recommended in the Carbonara Wine combination is certainly the territorial combination.

Click here for the Pasta alla Carbonara recipe.


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